Michael Goodine on 11/24/2020

TOEFL Score Report Timeline

Here is how the scores are reported if you take the test at a test center:

M Michael Goodine
Michael Goodine on 11/20/2020

Schools Accepting Home Edition

ETS has just published a searchable list of universities which accept the TOEFL Home Edition. You can find it on their site. Currently, the site lists 394 schools. Actually, I think the list sort of under-represents the popularity of the test, since it just lists schools which mention it on their website (or elsewhere). Many more schools accept it, but haven’t specifically announced that they do.

M Michael Goodine
Michael Goodine on 10/31/2020

News Section Change

I had to delete the old "News" section of the app. That was synced with my wordpress blog, and included references to the global event that can't be mentioned in apps (the one that necessitated the home version of the TOEFL).

M Michael Goodine